We develop information systems
that evolve with your business

Templates 4 Business, Inc. (T4Bi) builds custom (bespoke) enterprise business applications using the latest software tools and technologies. T4Bi solutions help their clients differentiate themselves in the market place by integrating their specific intellectual assets into applications that are uniquely tailored to their requirements. T4Bi also builds custom applications for the government sector not covered by COTS solutions allowing government agencies to become more efficient and effective in their delivery of services.

T4Bi also maximizes the value from application software by providing Enterprise Architecture, Legacy Migration and Integration services. T4Bi provides integration from legacy systems to web, SOA and mobile applications, and offers Architecture Services to ensure the appropriate reliability, security and infrastructure are there to support the complete Enterprise requirements.

T4Bi provides comprehensive operational support which may include on-going software maintenance support. T4Bi also provides managed services for mission critical 24/7 data centres with associated network, hardware and software support.

T4Bi utilizes expert resources, standard methodologies, and leading edge development tools, both vendor based and open source, to reduce the time, risks and costs to design and develop integrated, secure, SOA and Cloud-based mission critical business applications, and deliver results which are adaptable to business and technology change.


Feature Project: MRIS – Keystone