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When is Model Driven Software Development appropriate?

In the previous two blog posts we discussed what is Model Driven Software Development, and the benefits.  Below is an outline of when we think Model Driven Software Development approaches might apply. In subsequent blog posts T4Bi will outline their “Open KnowledgeFrame” and how it fits within MDD.  Open KnowledgeFrame (OKF) is an innovative project accelerator from ... Read More

Benefits of Model Driven Software Development

In the previous post we outlined how we think that Model Driven Software Development (MDD) helps to bridge the gap between rapid application development and quality analysis and design.  Below are some more detailed examples of the benefits of MDD. If you’re not persuaded and consider that every Project requires a unique solution, delivered by ... Read More

Bridging the Gap between Rapid Application Development and Quality Analysis and Design – is Model Driven Software Development the Answer?

The pressures of IT projects are such that we need to deliver now. There’s no time to think or do R&D, we’re paid for action! And there’s no better way to show value for money than pointing to the millions of lines of code that your team has created, right? Yes I’m being facetious to make ... Read More