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Managing a mission-critical environment can be a challenging exercise, juggling performance and service levels, and everyday administrative tasks, within the boundaries set by the hardware and software architectures deployed.

We can assist you in managing a mission-critical environment through a support engagement that starts with an assessment of your existing architecture, capacity plan, performance management plan and backup/recovery strategy. Where necessary we recommend and implement changes to align your service levels with expectations, and to ensure that your on-going system management activities are formalized and executed in an optimal manner. We can also continue to manage your environment for you whether this is on-premises or a private or hosted cloud.

A T4Bi managed environment has the following potential benefits to your organization:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable IT staff
  • Implement new technology quicker and with less risk.
  • Stay focused on your core business and don’t get distracted by complex IT decisions.
  • Improve your security and compliance. With specific industry knowledge, we can help you avoid risk in these areas.

T4Bi has extensive experience providing Managed Support. While each support contract is tailored to the client’s specific requirements and is dependent on the technology deployed; the following is a summary of some of the services that T4Bi can provide in a managed environment:

  • Server and Operating System Management
  • Database Management
  • Application Management
  • Network monitoring
  • Failover and Recovery
  • High Availability installation and management
  • Virtualization and/or private and public cloud environments

Visit our Client Showcase for examples.


T4Bi can reduce your risk and improve your service levels with managed services.


Managed Support