Government Organizations

Thumbnailsx3-GovernmentalT4Bi has a long history of working with Government Organizations primarily in the licensing, compliance and monitoring areas.  With their extensive experience in Government T4Bi consultants are well versed in government standards and audit requirements as well as key components such as eAccess, used by many of the Canadian Federal agencies.

DFO NuSEDS (Client site)
T4Bi built a flexible data collection and analysis system for salmon and related observation data for the Stock Assessment and Science divisions of the Federal Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Canada.  The system delivers flexible data collection via in-the-field mobile devices and analytical (Time Series) reports on biological indicators for fish and other species.

DFO PADS  (Client site)
T4Bi reworked and updated a legacy Lab System for the Stock Assessment and Science divisions of the Federal Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Canada. The system tracks sample results and inventory for salmon and related species stream data.  The PADS system processes more than 100,000 samples per season.

BC Ministry of Skills, Development, and Labour – ESIS (Client site)
T4Bi designed and built ESIS for the BC Ministry of Skills, Development and Labour.  ESIS is a case management, compliance management, claims tracking and workflow management system. The system is completely meta data driven allowing Ministry staff to edit on-line all application reference data, workflow control data and dependencies between core activities and documents.

DFO AQUIIS (Aquaculture Integrated Information System) (Client site)
T4Bi built an Aquaculture Information Management System (AQUIIS) for Federal Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Canada.  AQUIIS centralizes and standardizes the licensing and compliance management processes, improves information accessibility, and allows data analysis for all organizations within DFO as well as partner agencies.

DFO PacFish  (Client site)
T4Bi delivered an Integrated Fishery Catch Management platform which provides the basis to share, report and analyze fishery catch data (and metadata) from all Fisheries in the Pacific Region. The project required the integration of 150 catch management (and related) databases across 30 different business units.

BC Ministry of Forests, Land and Natural Resource Operations (Client site)
T4Bi is building an integrated mobile solution for the BC Ministry of Forests, Land and Natural Resource operations which will provide in the field officers with integrated compliance and enforcement information from 5 Ministries.



T4Bi has extensive experience in the Public Sector and is very familiar with government standards and key components such as eAccess.