Enterprise Architecture and Integration

Enterprise Architecture provides an important link between an organization’s strategic planning and the deployment of technologies throughout the organization.  T4Bi has world class Architects with extensive experience in Enterprise Architecture.  T4Bi Architects have consulted with Federal and Provincial Ministries and major corporations providing advice on how to architect systems solutions that will meet the organization’s business and strategic goals.

An Enterprise Architecture (EA) approach is a structured methodology that can help you through the various stages of selecting and deploying major technology components across your enterprise. EA addresses technological and business evolution resulting from changes to the business use of the information technology, the organization’s need to replace a suite of business applications, or the end of the current technology life-cycle.

EA recognizes that building a successful enterprise architecture requires coordination of efforts in a number of areas. It is not just an issue of which technology to select and implement. It is a question of how to meet the business objectives with a broad range of services and technologies. EA encompasses business process and function models, corresponding business data, business and IS applications, distributed services, technical platforms, and operating infrastructure consisting of procedures, tools and practices.

T4Bi’s expertise in Enterprise Architecture covers:

  • Business Models
  • Data and Information Architecture
  • Application and Technical Architecture
  • Technology Review and Selection
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Business analysis
  • Project Management

Visit our Client Showcase for examples where we helped our clients with an Enterprise Architecture approach.


T4Bi has the expertise to help you architect your systems solutions to meet your business strategic goals.


Enterprise Architecture and Integration