Analytics and Big Data

With the power of social media, the internet, email, document management systems and back office ERP systems organizations are amassing huge quantities of data but often lack the expertise to get the true value out of all that information.

T4Bi has a long history of being a data centric firm.  T4Bi understands data and has the skills and expertise to help you architect a solution that will unlock the value of your data assets and establish a firm foundation on which to grow and extend your reporting and analytics solution.

T4Bi’s expertise in Big Data and Analytics covers:

  • Data architecture
  • Data analysis
  • Data integration and transformation
  • Software development and installation
  • Big Data aggregation tools like Hadoop
  • Big Data visualization tools like Tableau

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T4Bi understands data and the power it has to make real differences in decision making and achieving your strategic goals.


Analytics and Big Data