Java and .NET

Our philosophy is that technology should enable your business.  We design and build sophisticated enterprise and e-business software applications using best in class technology and tools. Our technology expertise allows us to concentrate on achieving your business goals and stimulating critical business innovations that will allow you to achieve the highest returns.

We use Java and .Net technology extensively for the following reasons:

  • Java and .NET were designed with scalability in mind. As your company grows, the applications we develop can scale and support the additional load. This means less time re-working and re-developing applications that were not designed to handle the increases in data, transactions and users.
  • Maintainability¬†and lowering the total cost of ownership of software is very important.
  • Both the .NET and Java Frameworks have proven themselves to be very robust and reliable engines in production applications.
  • Security was designed into the Java and the .NET Framework from the very beginning. It was not something tacked onto an existing product.
  • Java and .NET allow our developers to develop applications that target a desktop, a browser, or a mobile browser.
  • Both Java and .NET are leaders in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and at T4Bi we are strong proponents of this architecture. Using SOA principles, we develop small services that can be used and re-used by many different applications. These services can be called from applications within your organization or from anywhere in the world by any internet-connected device such as a smart phone. In addition, web services can allow your company to publish a specification that allows other systems to interact directly and efficiently with your IT systems allowing you to provide superior service to your vendors and clients.

Visit our Client Showcase for examples of how we have developed and deployed Java and .Net applications.


T4Bi has extensive and expert experience in delivering solutions in Java and .Net.


Java and .NET