Mobile Development and Integration

Our mobile development is focused on extending your business applications for mobile use.  We employ best practices for quick return and easy deployment. Our approach focuses on real business issues and solving them with mobile technology while leveraging your existing technology footprint. Our apps are easy to understand and deploy and take full advantage of mobile features such as geolocation, built-in camera and embedded phone numbers to call directly from the app.

From an enterprise perspective one of the biggest challenges is satisfying the need for cross-platform mobile apps while still maximizing the functionality of the platform. In our experience, using the native language and SDK for each platform has significant advantages including supporting the full functionality of the platform, ease of development, increasing app performance and providing a significantly improved user experience. For the best user experience, native apps are far superior.

While our apps are generally targeted for a technical and professional audience user experience and ease of use are still paramount. Our apps are focused on increasing productivity and reducing operational costs while maximizing your field staff’s out of office work time.

T4Bi’s expertise in mobile development and integration covers:

  • Technical architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Data integration
  • Software development and installation
  • Graphic design
  • Deployment and Testing
  • Project Management

Visit our Client Showcase for examples of our Mobile apps.


T4Bi has the expertise to extend your back-off systems for mobile use.


Mobile Development and Integration