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Strategic Business Solutions – Overview

T4Bi develops Strategic Business Solutions to address business needs using current technology and industry standard methods and tools.  T4Bi builds industrial strength applications that can grow and change as business needs change. T4Bi built systems are based on extensible data standards, which form a solid foundation for systems development now and in the future, as technology evolves.

Managed Support
To reduce cost and manage risk many organizations are looking to managed services to provide the bridge between their Information Technology goals and the limitations of budget and staffing.  T4Bi can help you build a customized managed support service offering that will reduce your costs while potentially improving your ability to deliver information technology services within your organization.

Compliance Management
Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments are struggling to keep up with the demands of their mandates of licencing, compliance and monitoring with limited budgets and staff resources. Compliance Management software from T4Bi can help you streamline and automate your processes allowing more time for data and performance analysis.

Mobile Data Collection
Field Service workers often record their activities on paper based forms or worksheets that have no reference to your back-office systems. These forms are often emailed, or uploaded onto network drives for processing. This is inefficient and costly and there is a better and more productive way. Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce with Mobile apps from T4Bi.

Collaboration and Case Management
Case Management often revolves around documents and easy access to historical information. T4Bi has experience developing and deploying flexible rule based case management systems that allow for flexibility of process while still retaining key audit trails and controls.

Reporting and Analytics
Unlock the power of your data with a reporting and analytics solution from T4Bi.  T4Bi can have you up and running with a reporting solution quickly that you can then fine tune and extend as your business needs dictate.


T4Bi builds industrial strength applications based on best practices and industry standards that can grow and change as your business needs change and technology advances.


Strategic Business Solutions