Collaboration and Case Management

The dynamics of the world economy and the demands on governments at all levels is putting pressure on the public sector to reduce costs, retain knowledge and more efficiently deliver services. In this environment, knowledge worker effectiveness has emerged as a top priority to both reduce costs and retain knowledge as the public sector ages and many long term public employees enter retirement.

T4Bi has extensive experience in the government sector delivering systems for Collaboration and Case Management. While each system is tailored to the client’s specific requirements following is a summary of the key components of T4Bi delivered Collaboration and Case management system:

  • Access to key information, both structured and unstructured, about people, processes and related information.
  • Single-view of the client from one screen.
  • Document Management module for collaboration, versioning and audit.
  • Workflow engine for defining and automating workflows for documents and tasks.
  • Work management module for task assignment (automated and manual) notifications and alerts.
  • Knowledge management module for best practices and terminology.
  • Web portal presentation for self-service and progress monitoring.
  • Email integration for rule based notifications and SMS messaging.
  • Advanced search capability.
  • Access and update case files remotely with mobile connectivity or a cloud solution.
  • A complete audit trail of every document, every process step and every decision, with metrics on who performed each task and when.

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Retain knowledge and deliver services more effectively with T4Bi delivered Collaboration and Case Management.


Collaboration and Case Management