Compliance Management

With heightened awareness regarding social responsibility and environmental issues; governments worldwide are looking for software to help manage their regulatory mandate. Compliance management is the bringing together of the rules and regulations required by the regulator and management of those rules through process and procedure. T4Bi can assist you in providing a comprehensive platform to manage both the rules and regulations and the related processes and procedures.  T4Bi has extensive experience in the government sector delivering systems for Compliance and Monitoring.  While each system is tailored to the client’s specific requirements following is a summary of the key components of T4Bi delivered Compliance and Monitoring software:


  • A Management portal; which integrates all data interactions and technologies.
  • An Inspections module; the ability to define and deploy (cross-platform) mobile data collection forms to run on mobile devices, capable of operating in both networked and off-network mode.
  • A Document Management module; collaboration, versioning, audit, search and security.
  • A Workflow Engine; for defining and automating workflows for Documents and Tasks
  • A Work Management module; task assignment (automated and manual), notifications and alerts, task definition, dependencies and outcomes, etc.
  • API’s for Licensing, Case Management and Contact Management; integration module for legacy and COTS Systems

  • Query, Analysis and Reporting module; query data through flexible and extensible user friendly devices, to produce data outputs as Tables, Multi-dimensional Grids, Charts and Maps
  • Document Generation utility; produce complex documents by assembling user-defined templates (e.g. as .DOCX) populated dynamically from database data.
  • A Performance Management Dashboard which summarizes task statuses, alerts, effort, costs and other indicators.
  • A Knowledge Management module; Best Practices, Terminology, Document Classifications (Ontology) based on industry standards
  • An Audit sub-system; ability to trace who did what, where, when and why, with what outcome.
  • Data Export utilities; flexible export data to MS Excel, MS Word, and possibly other standard formats.
  • Email Integration; for rule based notifications, and SMS messaging.


T4Bi has extensive experience in the government sector delivering systems for Compliance and Monitoring.


Compliance Management