Managed Support

Managing a mission-critical environment can be a challenging exercise, juggling performance and service levels, and everyday administrative tasks, within the boundaries of your hardware and software architectures.

We can assist you in managing a mission-critical environment through a support engagement that starts with an assessment of your existing architecture, capacity plan, performance management plan and backup/recovery strategy. Where necessary we can recommend and implement changes to ensure that your on-going system management activities are formalized and executed in an optimal manner. We can also continue to manage your environment for you whether this is on-premise or a private or hosted cloud.

A T4Bi managed environment has the following potential benefits to your organization:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable IT staff
  • Implementation of new technology quicker and with less risk.
  • Focus on your core business and avoid distractions caused by complex IT issues.
  • Improve your security and compliance.

T4Bi has extensive experience providing Managed Support. While each support contract is tailored to the client’s specific requirements and is dependent on the technology deployed; the following is a summary of some of the services that T4Bi can provide in a managed environment:

  • Server and Operating System Management
  • Database Management
  • Application Management
  • Network monitoring
  • Failover and Recovery
  • High Availability installation and management
  • Virtualization and/or private and public cloud environments

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T4Bi can reduce your risk and improve your service levels with managed services.


Managed Support