Mobile Data Collection

T4Bi can breathe new life to your existing IT investments and provide new opportunities for your staff to increase productivity and reduce costs with an integrated mobile solution.  This is a unique offering from T4Bi; most mobile development is focused on stand-alone mobile applications that do not integrate with your back office systems.  We build integrated apps for front line workers in the field. Field workers use our apps off/on network and require capabilities that allow them to have detailed back office information in the field regardless of their network status. Using standard mobile or tablet functionality T4Bi provides the opportunity to capture data in the field and then seamlessly integrate information gathered with back office systems once they are on network.

While each system is tailored to the client’s specific requirements following is a summary of the key components of T4Bi delivered mobile data collection software:

  • Integration with device location services (GPS) to simplify data presentation, navigation and visualization
  • On/off network functionality
  • Document management integration for collaboration, versioning, audit, search and security
  • Integrated scanning of barcodes and QR Codes for data and product lookups
  • Data integration with your back office systems so that your field workers have the most up to date information
  • Flexible mobile form development so that you can capture data in the field and export back in any standard format to the core business system

Visit our Client Showcase for examples.


T4Bi can increase your productivity and reduce costs with an integrated mobile solution.