Reporting and Analytics

T4Bi is helping their clients to harness the power of their data.  T4Bi has skilled analysts and developers who can help you make sense of your data assets. For example, T4Bi helped an insurance company uncover and prevent fraud by comparing critical information extracted from the client’s transactional data with data from external sources.

Some of the potential benefits to you of harnessing the power of your data may include:

  • Unlocking valuable information hidden inside a seemingly impenetrable mountain of data.
  • Getting more out your transactional data by exposing more accurate and detailed performance information.
  • Deeper analysis of your customers allowing you to more precisely tailor product and service offerings.
  • Capturing more data from embedded products and having the means to analyse and use the data.

T4Bi has extensive experience delivering systems for Reporting and Analytics. While each system is tailored to the client’s specific requirements and is dependent on the technology deployed, following is a summary of the key components of a T4Bi delivered reporting and analytics solution:

  • Configurable Executive Dashboards that provide instant and relevant insights.
    • Automated reporting and alerts.
    • Trend and outlier analysis using graphs and charts.
  • Multi-dimension analysis.
  • Feature rich, interactive data visualizations and what-if analysis.
  • Integration with MS Office and Google documents.
  • Role based security.
  • Data aggregation capabilities that bring together multiple data sources into an integrated information  solution – Big Data.
  • Highly formatted print-ready reports for client documents which can contain QR codes, barcodes, charts, images, and more.
  • Ad-Hoc analysis for drilling, slicing and dicing, pivoting, filtering, and interactive charting.

Visit our Client Showcase for examples.


Unlock the power of your data with a T4Bi delivered Reporting and Analytics solution.